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"Krahu i shqiponjës" ("Eagle Wing")

"Eagle Wing" is an Albanian magazine, which aims to promote the literary, social and artistic Albanian life, serving to an important national goal, and to defend and support unfavorable society groups in Balkans. Its spiritual leader was and remains Bilal Xhaferri.
Historical background

"Eagle Wing" is a political, cultural, literary magazine, published for the first time in October, 1974, in two languages, Albanian and English, as a periodical of Cam League in Chicago, USA. Its founder, publisher and director was Bilal Xhaferri, poet, novelist and well-known dissident publicist, who was born on 2nd November 1935 in Ninat, Konispol, Cam district, who after an extensive literary- journalistic activity, died in exile (escaped from Albania in 1969 because of his national and anti-communist views and persecuted by the State Security Service) in 14th October 1986 in Chicago, USA.

"Eagle Wing" was a forum of free democratic ideas, with powerful and deep anti-communist, anti- dictatorship trends, aiming to unite all Albanian political forces in exile in order for them to unify ideas, programs and goals for a Free Pro-Western Albania.
The magazine represented widely the Albanian national issues, especially cam concern, Kosovo issue, and other territories divided from the territorial borders of homeland Albania, and Albanian community issues (Diaspora) all over the world.

Bilal Xhaferri managed to publish 39 editions.

Since August 1995 till present "Eagle Wing" continue to be published in Tirana as periodical of Cultural Association "Bilal Xhaferri" (Cam Cultural Community) established and directed by the well-known journalist and writer Shefki Hysa, who initiated the return of Bilal Xhaferri carcass in Albania and the graced the extraordinary values of this rare figure, mistreated and forgotten by the former Albanian communist dictatorship.

"Eagle Wing" pages hosted articles and interviews of Albanian and foreign politicians who defend Albanian national issue, in particular cam concern. Articles and selected stories of personalities of Albanian and world literature are published on this magazine, such as: Alfred de Musset, Bilal Xhaferri, Christina Rossetti, Dritëro Agolli, Edgar Allan Poe, Ismail Kadare, Martin Mato, Miranda Vickers, Namik Mane, Pjetër Arbnori, Shefki Hysa, Vath Koreshi, Jack London, Jean-Paul Sartre, etj.

Shefki Hysa, in charge of publisher and editor of this magazine, based on his own funds and those of his friends, has managed to publish over 80 editions and consistently chant this pedestal of freethinking following up the footway of Bilal Xhaferri ideals.

Bianka Bilali

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