Monday, January 7, 2008

Bashkim Braho

Choreographer and International Dance Instructor
Awarding ceremony with Albanian ambasodor, Aleksander Sallabanda
Choreographer Bashkim Braho began his dancing career in 1962 as a student at the School of Music and Dance in Tirana, Albania. While at School he was a student of the premier Albanian dance instructor, Gezim Kaceli, who trained in Moscow for five years. Braho danced professionally in the Theater of Opera and Ballet in Tirana for twenty-six years. In 1989 he was recruited as the choreographer for the Folk Ensemble 'Wing of the Eagle'. The Ensemble has had huge success throughout Albania as well as in many other countries. They have successfully performed numerous interpretations of ancient Albanian folklore in Croatia,Turkey, and Spain, where they received a medal of honor from the Spanish Counsel of the Arts for their performance. From 1986 to 1995 he was a professor at the School of Ballet ;in Tirana, Albania. His long artistic career includes successful world tours in sixteen countries throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.His arrival in Boston in 1995 did not stop his dancing career, on the contrary it marked the foundation of the dance group which under his direction, continues to perform Albanian dances from all regions.
The Gratitude Medal awarded to Bashkim Braho by President of Albania, Alfred Moisiu.
2001 Neighborhood Superstar Award, by the Mass. Governor's Committee.Click on the picture to enlarge, to read the award letter.
Award won in Turkey click on the picture to enlarge.
Awards won.

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