Monday, January 7, 2008

The Albanian Dance Group Bashkimi

"Bashkimi" Dance group, established in Boston, was created in 1996. After his arrival in Boston from Tirana, Albania, Bashkim Braho, who is the group's choreographer, formed this dance group by bringing together young Albanians from Boston. Thanks to his work and dedication and the will of the dancers, this group has lately reached the level of a real dance troupe. The group practices every Sunday, this way enriching the repertoire of their dances. Aside from the dancers who come from different regions of Albania, many Albanian-Americans and other individuals interested in the Albanian culture have had the opportunity to experience the Albanian dance by being part of the group. The group itself has always been and continues to be very welcoming of anyone interested in its activities. Most of the dancers in this dance group are students who have either finished or are continuing their studies in various universities in Boston. Even though they often find themselves overwhelmed by their academic priorities, they continue to show enthusiasm regarding their role as members of this group.

Thanks to these efforts, the group has had the opportunity to attend in various events in Massachusetts and New York. A few of them are:

The Annual Albanian Festival in Bronx, New York.
The Annual Albanian Flag Day Celebrations in Boston.
The Annual Balkan Festival in Concord, MA.
The New England Folk Festival in Natick, MA.
Albanian American National Organization Basketball Tournament in Waltham, MA.
The Annual Boston International Festival at the Bayside Expo Center.
In the event organized by "Motrat Qiriazi" in New York
The events mentioned above are only a few in which the group has performed. The dances performed by the “Bashkimi” dance group include dances that represent various Albanian regions. Recently the group performed in front of 1500 spectators, at the 15th Albanian Festival in Bronx, New York, where they were very successful and were honored with a prize. The above achievements have been possible due to the hard work, the passion and dedication of the group’s choreographer, Bashkim Braho. These successes a few to add to his long list achieved during his activities in Albania. To read more about Bashkim and his achievements, please visit Choreographer.
"Bashkimi" Dance Group is available for all Albanian events in America and abroad. The dance group has also had the pleasure of attending in weddings and family celebrations.
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17th Albanian Festival NY, 2007

17th Albanian Festival NY, 2007

16th Albanian Festival NY, 2006

Thank You letter from NAAC, 2003

Thank You letter from Roca, 2001

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