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Bilal Xhaferri

Bilal Xhaferri (1935-1986), Albanian writer, (poet, novelist and remarkable dissident publicist) was born in Ninat, Konispol, Cameria district and died in Chicago, USA.

Bio data

Main dates of Bilal Xhaferri’s life and activity.

1935, 2 November was born in Ninat village, Konispol, Cameria region.

1943, his mother passed away.

1945, his nationalist and anti-communist, father was executed

1948, leaves his home village.

1948-1952 resides and works in Saranda, as courier and simple worker.

1954-1955 attends the seventh-grade school in Sukth village, Durres city.

1962-1963 publishes his first lyrics and stories in "Zeri i Rinise" (The voice of Youth", "Drita" (Light), in magazines such as "Nëntori",
(November), Ylli", (The Star) etc.

1966 His first summary of stories is published entitled "Njerëz të rinj, tokë e lashtë" (Young people, ancient land), which had an extraordinary success.

1967 The summary of lyrics is published entitled "Lirishta e kuqe" (Red Valley), which was forbidden by communist censure.

1967 writes the novel "Krastakraus" published post-mortem in 1993.

1968 writes the script for the artistic movie "Era shtyn mjegullat" (The wind pushes the fog).

1968 was denied the right of publishing. Communist censure prohibited the distribution of his books and has been exiled in "Hamalle" village, Durres city.
After being exclude from "Lidhja e Shkrimtarëve & e Artistëve të Shqipërisë" (Albanian Writers’ & Artists League) under the reason that he had criticize Ismail Kadare’s novel "Dasma" (The wedding).

1969, 30 August he escapes secretly from Albania to Greece and later on in USA due to the file compiled by the State Security Service for his arrest and custody.

1970, arrives in Boston, USA.

1970-1972 works for "Dielli" (The Sun) newspaper in Boston, USA.

1972 Demands to publish the novel "Ra Berati" (Berati Surrenders) to the Publishing Enterprise "Rilindja".

1974, October, in Chicago, USA founded the magazine "Krahu i shqiponjës" (The Eagle Wing) in Albanian and English, a product of Cam League.

1974-1986 directs, publishes and edits the magazine "Krahu i shqiponjës", where he published a lot of articles, lyrics, stories, novels, cartoons, artistic photos etc.
This magazine became the tribune of freethinking and continuously dealt cam issues, national concerns, and dictatorship issues in Albania and after 1981, more intensively about Kosovo concerns.
Bilal, used to publish on this magazine not only his literature creations but translation and literature products of many foreign and Albanian writers as well.

He managed to publish 39 editions of this magazine in two languages, Albanian and English till he died in unknown circumstances on 14 October 1986

1975 publishes fragments of the novel "Trotuare të Kundërta" Opposite Avenues" on the magazine "Krahu i shqiponjës" (Eagle Wing).

1977 He publishes fragments of the novel "Hëna e kantjereve" (The Site Moon) on "Krahu i shqiponjës" magazine.

1978 some strangers wounded him.

1981 The editor’s house "Krahu i shqiponjës" burned down ", where he has his literature manuscripts, studies, scientific researches, translations, correspondence, political notes, photos, paintings.

1986 His disease was recognized and he was submitted to a surgery operation.

1986, 14 October, he died in Chicago, at unknown circumstances.

1995, 3rd May the President of Albanian Republic issued him an honor
"Martyr of Democracy" (Decree 1089), with the motivation "For his dedication as publicist and dissident politician in the fight against communism and dictatorship, for his deep national and democratic aspiration".

1995, 6th May, the writer Shefki Hysa, chairman of the Cultural Association "Bilal Xhaferri", in cooperation with Albanian government initiated and organized the ceremony of carcass return in homeland of the outstanding dissident poet, novelist, Bilal Xhaferri who rests now in his hometown, Saranda.

Book titles:

"Young People, Ancient Land" – summary of stories (1966)

"The Red Valley" - lyrics (1967) [1]

"Bloody Love" – romantic novel (1992)

"Krastakraus" - novel (1967), (Published post mortem 1993)

"Sadness, come" (1995)

"Berati surrenders" novel, published by - Prishtina 1995 ISBN 99943-904-5-7

"Beyond distance " – prose and articles (1996)

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