Sunday, December 27, 2009

A friend of sacrifices – Naim Nimani

Naim Mehmet Nimani (Gramoz Mehmet Nimani) was born on 19th August, 1971, in the village of Truen (Puka) in a patriotic family. He passed his childhood and got educated there. After he finished the high school, like many other Albanian boys who remained jobless after the collapse of the communist system, in 1991, he was obliged to emigrate in Greece, England or somewhere else to ensure better living. Meantime his family settled in the city of Durrës. After working some years as an economic emigrant, Naim came back and started different businesses in Durrës. Now he is totally committed to his career as businessman. He is married and he dedicates to his family better part of his free time. He has three children, two girls and a boy. His first daughter, Arminda, is ten years old, the second, Sara, eight and the son, Emirgen, is six years old. They are children, who listen to their father and learn how to follow his steps.

Naim is sports-loving; in late afternoon he plays football, he also helps amateur boxers come along in this difficult sport, to become in this way real professionals in the future. One of his biggest dreams, despite the long time he spent in business, is the desire to explore and know the world through exploring journeys.

Naim Mehmet Nimani (Gramoz Mehmet Nimani) is, among other things, a good patriot who makes serious attempts to help the Albanian national issues, especially the Cham issue. I knew him casually in 1995 and since then he fell in love with the Cham issue and has followed me with passion in many of my activities, in all the districts of Albania, where the Chams live. He has travelled with me night and day, putting his cars and economic opportunities at the Cham issue’s disposal. He never got tired of travelling ceaselessly, even twenty four hours at the wheel, being my driver (free), when we had to work to exalt the Cham ideal. In some cases he has followed me in the whole of Albania, even when he was sick in bed with flu and cold. He has never hesitated. Instead, he has expressed himself laughingly:

I have one boss who doesn’t spare his life for Chameria. For this boss I can not only get up sick from bed but also dead from the tomb. I’ll rise like Konstandin of the Balad and follow him with commitment to realize his ideal, Chameria.

This is more or less the portrait of Naim Mehmet Nimani (Gramoz Mehmet Nimani), my friend and Chams’ friend, a man who has sacrifices every time I needed his help…

Isn’t he worthy of my sacrifices, to get up even at 12:00 PM if he needs me and my Cham friends?!... If you don’t believe me, ask his colleague, businessman Shpëtim Çilotaj (Chams’ friend too), and he will tell you the same features of Naim Nimani as a man who sacrifices a lot in the name of friendship.

Shefki Hysa

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