Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pandeli Koçi

The truly friends of Bilal Xhaferi and my own friends incited me to be dedicated entirely to this initiative, especially to Pandeli Koçi. He is both my friend and my professor, academic of Kosovo literature in Faculty of History and Philology during years 1985 – 1992.
But who is this golden-heart man?

Pandeli Koçi, (the literary name – Sazan Goliku), was born in Vlora on 6 January 1942. Elementary school, eight year school and high school finished in Vlora. Graduated in the University of Tirana, in the Faculty of History and Philology, branch Albanian Language and Literature. He has completed some specializations in the field of journalism and publications. Mr. Koçi worked as teacher, culture worker, journalist, and literature editor in the publishing house "Naim Frasheri", etc.

Since year 1970 undertaken the publication in Albania of the Kosovo literature and was lecturer of this wing of Albanian literature in the University of Tirana.

From 1981 until 2002 worked in the Press Sector as spokesperson, as chief of official publishing sector, and editor of Official Journal (Fletorja Zyrtare) of the Parliament of the Republic of Albania.

Since the year 1960 are published studies, literature critics, and books redacting in various magazines and newspapers: Studime Filologjike, Nentori, Jeta e Re, Jehona, Drita, Fjala, Rilindja, Flake e Vllazerimit, Zeri i Rinise, Albania, Shqip, Telegraf, Shekulli etc.and especially in the magazine "The Wing of the Eagle"(Krahu i Shqiponjes).

Since 1972 are published over 20 artistic books for children.
Some of the studies and literature creations are evaluated with prices of the national level.

Several published books:

"Vague" (Turbull), poetry, 2007
"The triangle of the black sky" (Trekendeshi i qiellit te zi), stories, 2006, ISBN 99943-620-7-0
"One morning adventures" (Aventurat e nje mengjesi), poem, 2002, ISBN 99927-54-43-5
"The fallen petals" (Petalet e rena), poetry, 2001
"The White Mountain’s Guerillas (Komitet e Malit te Bardhe), novel, 1999
"Cosmic Epidemy (Epidemi kozmike), poetry, 1996
"Love dream (Enderr dashurie), poetry, 1996
"Adventures of freedom" (Aventurat e lirise), short story, 1995
"Infirmity" (Intimitet), poetry, 1987
"Light flower" (Lule drite), poetry, 1977
"The broken mirror" (Pasqyra e thyer), short story, 1972

Pandeli Koçi, writer, publicist, literature critic, was an intense ally of the Bilal Xhaferi work and the cam problem. Since the beginning of 80’s, when I firstly met him, he not only helped me during the most difficult years of the Communist Regime, when no one dared to freely talk to me cause of my biography as anticommunist, but as well nourished and incited me with the desire to be a valuable intellectual for the country. I am thankful to him for all the support and motivation that gave me to work with the figure of Bilal and with cam (Albanian çam) ideal. My friend

Pandeli Koçi, has contributed as a great patriot that cam ideal could be a true reality, so deserves the respect of all cams.

Bianka Bilali